Razieh is the fierce and determined founder and CEO of Kaypok, a technology she built while conducting her PhD research at York University. She is a successful entrepreneur, having founded her third company, with 14 years of product management and development experience. Razieh brings unlimited passion and perseverance to the team.

Atul has over 20 years of leadership as both an intrapreneur and entrepreneur under his belt. Atul’s knowledge of product development and go-to-market strategies make him a powerful business force at the Kaypok helm.

Steve is an expert in interactive design and impeccable user experiences in the digital space, gleaned both from his academic pursuits and his decade as Director of Interactive for Teletoon Canada.  Steve’s credentials and desire for excellence make him the perfect fit for Kaypok.

Tessa is a consummate client service professional and process-driven thinker. Tessa experienced in delivering large-scale initiatives across multiple sectors and is focused on ensuring that our clients receive great value and a great Kaypok experience.

Brindha is a certified Java developer and has a passion for introducing new ideas and makings things better. Brinda’s desire to push the status quo makes her a valued Kaypok team member.

Luz is a certified Java developer with a love for learning. Luz’s inquisitive mind and comfort in change are the ingredients needed in the Kaypok entrepreneurial environment.

Joana studied graphic design and spent countless hours in a data visualization lab, providing the foundation for her work at Kaypok. Joana brings a simple and elegant design sensibility to her work and to the Kaypok brand.

Jacqueline is the bridge between design and functionality with a background in both areas of expertise. Jacqueline is committed to the best possible user experience for every Kaypok product.

  • Get out from under the data avalanche. Focus on the insights that really matter to your business.

  • Harness the wisdom of your customers and the crowd. Find out what people are saying, why and what they really mean.

  • Sharpen your customer and subject matter expertise. Easily manage content from multiple sources to find what you want, when you want it. including social media, customer service, CRM, WebChat, blogs and emails.

  • There are over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data generated each day. And much of it is hitting your desk and inbox.*

    The volume, variety and velocity of the content that people are being asked to understand can often leave them overwhelmed or paralyzed.

    Market researchers are searching for simple and cost-effective methods to analyze the open-ended responses that add colour and texture to quantitative analytics.

    Subject matter experts are trying to keep up with the latest trends and knowledge content that they need to monitor and share.

    Customer service teams cannot easily access key customer feedback themes to create more engaged and satisfied customers.

    Product and brand managers want to understand what is being said and why, without pre-conceived biases of what may be important.

    Kaypok Inc. is dedicated to solving these problems through our next generation content analytics technology, bringing power and control into the hands of each of our users. We make it easy.

    The Kaypok Engine

    At the heart of each of our products is the Kaypok Engine, a high performance content analytics algorithm, that goes above and beyond other systems. We return robust and more transparent results with the added benefits that:

    Kaypok products require no training. The system is self-learning and the user interface intuitive.

    You can find the unknown. No need to fear that you’ve biased the results or that you’ve missed something because the Kaypok Engine defines what to search for.

    Kaypok Insight

    With increasing volume, variety and velocity of data flowing into enterprise, complexity for end-users is increasing multifold. Kaypok Insight using its next generation Content analytics technology, brings the power and control into the hands of each user. Whether it is an external unstructured data or internally residing enterprise application logs, Kaypok's engine runs and extracts the wisdom the end user needs.

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    Kaypok Briefly

    Kaypok Briefly allows you to review large numbers of textual content. It helps you manage your time, identify important contents that need your immediate attention.With Kaypok Briefly, you can aggregate data from different resources such as RSS feeds, Google alerts, Blogs and Forum, filter, summerize, sort and share the content. Kaypok Briefly helps you find the most negative/positive articles immediately.

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    Case Studies

    Kaypok Insight: Taking the fear out of open-ended survey questions

    Kaypok Insight: Looking at Open Data

    Kaypok Insight: Harnessing the Wisdom of the Crowd Buying the Perfect Kayak

    More case studies coming soon….

    December 4: Kaypok Unveils Root Cause Analysis Solution

    TORONTO (December 4, 2012) — Companies are drowning in a sea of big, unstructured, noisy data. Whether it’s social media chatter, email or survey results, how do you filter the noise and take action?
    Read more

    December 6: Kaypok selects Zync to power its brand

    TORONTO, Dec. 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ - Kaypok Inc., a start-up company whose technology delivers insight into unstructured big data, today announced that it has selected Zync as its agency of record to create and launch Kaypok's brand globally.
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    December 15: Kaypok Launched!

    Kaypok Launched officially in iStrategy conference

    March 26: Founder Razieh Niazi shares "innovation to commercialization" experiences at IP OSGOODE

    On March 22, 2013, IP Osgoode and the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) co-hosted a conference examining the role of student researchers in commercializing intellectual property. Inspired by her SSHRC-funded research, IP Osgoode’s Professor Giuseppina D’Agostino, the conference chair...
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    May 12: Kaypok featured in Markham Thrive magazine (Please scroll to page 5)

    Kaypok featured in Markham Thrive magazine (Please scroll to page 5) Markham Thrive Magazine 2013

    June 7: Founder Razieh Niazi Keynote speaker at Digital Odyssey 2013: BIG DATA, Small World

    In an increasingly connected world, we are awash in a sea of data. Everything you say, do, buy, and like is being tracked somewhere and when it is pulled together, it can be used to paint a remarkably accurate ...
    Read more

    May 15: Office move!

    Kaypok moves to downtown Toronto office. Come visit us in the Banting Institute at 100 College Street (just east of University).

    September 24: Kaypok featured at York Innovation Annual Report

    Download the Collaborating for Innovation report (in PDF format): Annual Report

    September 26: CEO Atul Asthana featured in Financial Post article on IP (by Denise Deveau, Financial Post)

    Atul Asthana, chief executive of Kaypok, may be a CEO of a tech startup, but he’s not new to the intellectual property game. Throughout the early 2000s, Mr. Asthana spent a number of years helping Research In Motion Ltd. (since renamed BlackBerry Ltd.)build their patent portfolio...
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    September 28: Participated in Creative Destruction Lab (CDL)

    Kaypok Inc chosen to participant in the Creative Destruction Lab at Rotman School of Business, University of Toronto

    October 29: Founder Razieh Niazi talks in Let's Talk Big Data conference at IBM

    Founder Razieh Niazi speaks at YRBIZ series hosted at IBM, Markham. Download PDF of the Let’s talk Big data program.

    March 30: Accepted in DCS Innovation Lab -Smart Launch program

    Kaypok Inc chosen to participate in the DCS Innovation Lab progeam, University of Toronto www.DCSIL.ca.

    June 11: Kaypok technology is presented at Schulich

    Founder Razieh Niazi presents Kaypok technology to MBAs at Schulich

    June 17-18: Kaypok Inc in partnership with TCS Co-Innovation (COIN™)

    Harnessing insight with Kaypok! Kaypok is hosted by TCS presenting its big data solution in TCS Innovation Day TCS Co-Innovation Network.

    November 5: Kaypok Inc in partnership with TCS Co-Innovation (COIN™) in Silicon Valley

    Exploring the unknown in digital space! Kaypok is hosted by TCS in Silicon Valley presenting its unique solution to explore the unkown in TCS Innovation Day TCS Co-Innovation Network.

    March 2: Kaypok Inc in Dx3 Canada

    Kaypok is hosted by Dx3, Canada's leading technology, digital marketing and retail event. DX3 Canada 2016.

    June 21: Founder Razieh Niazi speaks in Text Analytics World 2016 in Chicago

    Founder Razieh speaks at the Text Analytics World on Exploring the Hidden Unknown Using Self-Learning Text Analytics TAW 2016.

    We are a combination of street smarts and academic minds. We are lean, nimble and we understand our customers. We are exceptional developers. We are user experience experts. We are holders of patents and PhDs. We visualize information. We provide insight. We are driven. We are focused. We are entrepreneurs. We are Kaypok.


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